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Why Choose Ultra Aluminum

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The love affair with ornamental fencing began hundreds of years before Ultra was started. Metal fence was beautiful, majestic, and made from a material that was destined to rust and crumble—iron. As good as the coatings technologies evolved through the ages, nothing could protect that fragile metal from deteriorating.

Along comes Ultra Aluminum and their concept for architecturally appealing fence that would withstand the tortures of weather, pollution, chemicals and savage environments. Ultra started with humble beginnings in 1996 and a desire to replicate the intricate details of historic ornamental iron fences, only using materials that would end up being stronger, and stand up to the torturous variations of the environment with long lasting durability. At Ultra, we push everything to the edge, and choose our materials and components in support of that quest.

From our beginnings in a small garage, to the state-of-the-art 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility we operate out of today. We started as a small company based on amazing customer service, and despite our amazing growth, we still work hard to replicate.


We're Environmentally Responsible

Ultra is proud to use recycled aluminum in our products. Aluminum is the most commonly recycled metal in the world. Our Powercoatâ„¢ coating process is environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free.

Ultra Aluminum Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ultra Aluminum Fencing and Ultra Privacy products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials. The Powder Coat finish on all Ultra fencing also carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty against cracking, peeling or chipping.


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